Kilian Jornet postpones his dream of conquering Everest


Kilian Jornet returns from Everest without having climbed the world’s highest mountain. Bad weather conditions during the final stage of the expedition have forced him to abandon the attempt to climb Everest via the north face.

As Jornet explained: “During the first few weeks we were acclimatising well and the conditions were good. However, when we were getting ready to prepare the attempt the weather began to change. There were some heavy snow storms and a large accumulation of snow. As a result, although we were in good physical shape, there was a high risk of avalanches and in the absence of good safety conditions it was impossible to climb.”  

In spite of not being able to complete the challenge, Jornet was happy with the experience.  “There’s a sense of frustration because we’re well acclimatised and we feel good but it would have exposed us to too much risk. Nevertheless, we’re happy because it’s been a very positive experience in which we’ve learnt a lot. Being alone on Everest is incredible as there was no one else there. Now we’ll go home to recover and plan the future. I think that if we come back there are some things we would change but it’s been a great experience and a good lesson for next time.”

So, having spent three weeks at base camp on the north face of Everest (6,000m) acclimatising and preparing for the challenge of climbing the world’s highest mountain, Jornet and the Summits of My Life team postponed the the Everest challenge until a later date.

With this challenge, Kilian Jornet intended to complete the Summits of My Life project in which since 2012 he has broken records for the ascent and descent of mountains around the world.  

[More details of the expedition will be available shortly]

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    6 Responses to Kilian Jornet postpones his dream of conquering Everest

    1. To be in the mountains makes it worth it, record or no record.

      Looking forward to the actual attempt, but smart move to postpone, I’m sure! Good luck with races & preparations for the next challenge!

    2. Great job Kilian and crew; just able to start on this challenge and learn a great deal from this 2nd trip will only harden you for the next attempt. Comeback safely and recover first.

    3. Hats off to all of you!
      You are setting such a great example, to the highest standards.

    4. Smart move! Keep listening to the mountain and remember safety first!!

    5. You can always fight against your own limits, but you can’t fight against nature.It will always win! Good call and looking forward to see your next project!!

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