Barcelona buzzing with the screening of ‘Langtang’


On Saturday, the largest cinema in Barcelona was somewhat small for the screening of ‘Langtang’ – the third film from Kilian Jornet’s ‘Summits of My Life’ project. A number of spectators had turned up in the hope of getting tickets at the last minute, but the event had already been sold out for several hours. About 1200 spectators were in attendance for the premier of the film, which is a complete departure from the previous two films, showing the fragile and human side of Kilian Jornet.

Jornet explained: “It’s fantastic to be back in Barcelona to present the film. It’s a great opportunity to get the reaction of the public – the whole experience has been quite intense. I think it was well received and we hope to be able to continue helping the people of Nepal – who the film is dedicated to.”

The event was compered by the Rac1 journalist José María Pou, who began by introducing Kilian Jornet and the alpinist Jordi Tosas – a frequent visitor to Nepal and especially to Langtang where a large part of the film takes place. The film’s director, Sébastien Montaz-Rosset was unable to attend the premier, but was also part of the expedition.

After a brief introduction, the lights dimmed for the screening of the 52 minute film, following the team’s experience in Nepal. After a highly emotional finish, Jornet and Tosas returned to the stage to share some stories with the public. They also announced the launch of a humanitarian initiative by Summits of My Life together with the NGO SOS Himalaya; to build 116 houses in the Langtang valley, so that locals can return to their valley.

Spectators shared their impressions of the film as they left the cinema:

“We saw a lot of things that people should know. The information has been reported, but not in this way. You really get to see what happened.” Another commented: “You see first hand how things are in Nepal, and what happened with the earthquake. Everyone, mountaineers or not, has a part to play in helping these people who have such big hearts. They have nothing and give everything.”

[Download Langtang]

[Donate – Build 116 houses in the Langtang Valley]

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