We want to rebuild 116 houses in the Langtang Valley


Summits of My Life will contribute to the reconstruction of 116 homes in Langtang

Summits of My Life assotiates with SOS Himalaya, in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the Langtang Valley.

‘After the experience in Nepal we realized that we wanted to continue helping the people of Langtang, who have lost everything. After our return from Nepal we went into action and, along with SOS Himalaya, we devised a project that fits very well in the Langtang Valley. SOS Himalaya is a charity with whom we share many values and we are very pleased to start this collaboration,’ explained Kilian Jornet.

The earthquake of last April brought serious consequences to the Langtang Valley. The Langtang village was completely buried after the quake triggered a landslide of snow, ice and stones, due to the large amount of snow accumulated during the really tough winter. In addition, the shock wave from the landslide caused serious damage to nearby villages. The few survivors of the disaster were evacuated to a refugee camp in Kathmandu, and although some of them have returned to the valley, the earthquake left them homeless.

Therefore, Summits of My Life and SOS Himalaya are promoting a campaign to raise funds to rebuild 116 homes: the number of families which have been left homeless and want to return to live in the Langtang valley. The reconstruction of these houses will be following the typical Nepalese architecture, known as ” ‘Jasta Pata’: zinc plates placed on a wooden structure.

Besides the materials to build the ‘Jasta Pata’, the main cost of reconstruction will be transportation. Access to the Langtang valley, which was already complicated, was damaged after the earthquake. That is why materials will have to be transported by air. Houses will be rebuilt in different parts of the valley, as no building can be done in the area where the original village of Langtang was located.

Summits of My Life will collaborate in several ways to collect the necessary funds. Among them, all profits raised during the film premiere in Barcelona will be donated to this project. In addition, the project opens a fundraising campaign to raise the goal amount: $ 58,080.

Head of SOS Himalaya Maria Clement declared: ‘A lovely collaboration is starting today, because we share the way Kilian perceives the mountain. SOS Himalaya has undertaken many projects since the earthquake and this new one will help to continue developing our activities in the Himalayas. Also, having an initiative backed up by Summits and with the support of Kilian himself will definitely be very beneficial.‘

Donations can be made through the project website: www.summitsofmylife.com/nepal.

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