Aconcagua record!!

Kilian made it!!!!

After 12h:49 min of effort Kilian achieved in his second attempt the fastest time running up and down Aconcagua (6.962). Congrats Kilian!!#SoMLAconcagua

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    11 Responses to Aconcagua record!!

    1. great great graet!!! you’re an example of sacrifaces and effors that brings happyness.
      good luck if you will race mezzalama or adamello will meet.


    2. Ángel Jesus Ramos

      ¡Qué grande Killian! Enhorabuena, eres una máquina. Muchas felicidades y feliz Navidad.

    3. you are machine Kilian! gratz! 🙂

    4. Congratulations, Enhorabuena Kilian! Great Christmas present 🙂 Enjoy and relax…

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    6. Félicitations à Killian.
      Encore un exploit qui force le respect.
      Joyeux Noël.

    7. There are no words to describe the greatness of Kilian.

      Felix Navidad to all the team xxx

    8. Impressive. Well done
      keep moving Kilian, your dreams are ours

    9. Congratulations Kilian! What a performance so shortly after the McKinley adventure! You are unbelievable! A a shining and insipiring example for many of us. Thank you and good luck for your upcoming projects!

    10. Albert Català i Rovirosa

      Enhorabona Kilian! Sempre nous reptes, sempre amunt!

    11. Andrey Afanasev

      Congratulations Kilian!!! You are the best example that everything is possible!!! Good luck and take care of you…

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