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The Summits of my life team.

Into the unknown

Into the unknown…. That’s what adventure is all about. 

[Kilian starting his descent of the McKinley. He would complete the downhill to Base Camp in 1h38m09s]

Mount McKinley peak

The exact moment when you can physically touch the goal you have had in your mind for such a long time…. Mount McKinley peak

The new SOML film to be released soon…

Seb Montaz said about the new movie:

On that day we ran fron Cervinia to the summit of Matterhorn ( 2009m to 4470 m + 2400 m).
It was his eigth time on the top in 2 weeks and he went back with Emelie Forsberg the day after….
I will try to explain you how he does it in the next film.



‘A Fine Line’

No-one told us who we were.
No-one told us we should this.
No-one told us it would be easy.
Someone said we are our dreams, that if we don’t dream, we are not linger alive.
Our steps follow our instinct and take us into the unknown.
We no longer see the obstacles behind us, but look forward the ones ahead.
It’s not about being the fastest, the strongest or the biggest…It’s about being ourselves.
We are not just runners, mountaineers or skiers…or even athletes…we are people.
We don’t know if we’ll find it, but we’re going in search of happiness.
What is it we’re looking for? To be alive?

~ Kilian Jornet

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