Jordi Tosas: You only live once and die too many times


Jordi Tosas: You only live once and die too many times


Alpinist Jordi Tosas was part of the crew that went to the Denali with Kilian. Now we can read his impressions on the reasons that pushed him to become a part of this adventure.


Why was I was part of that group? These days everything is analysed, even the air tastes like ash, even a dance is considered in mathematical terms. I went to Denali precisely because I wanted to be part of a group of dream architects who chase the moon all night long to see the rebirth of the sun, and never complain when it’s time to wake up.

We only live once and die too many times; having the opportunity to be part of a project dedicated to the beauty of flying over mountains would fill any poet on the planet with passion. Just looking back to see who we are and forward to see where we’re heading. Immersed in the pace and rhythm that goes through the heart of time, in time but without time. Without the need to leave evidence, only traces, for it’s traces that make you dream.

I was part of that group because I knew how to write in a language of mountains they did not know, which, alongside with theirs, grew up into a new language. An ode to all those who stand to defend paradoxes and who, no matter how tired they might be, are lovers who are not afraid of loving too much.

An unbreakable commitment to all those things that end the same way as they begin, as an ode to beauty and oblivion.

Jordi Tosas

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