Kilian sets a new speed record on the Matterhorn in the latest Summits of My Life challenge

cervino Kilian

 Kilian completed the ascent and descent of the Matterhorn (4476m) in a time of 2h52’02’’. Congrats!

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    2. Dear Kilian! / Lieber Kilian!

      Congratulations to your incredible performance at Matterhorn! / Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deiner unglaublichen Leistung am Matterhorn!

      You are so inspirational! I started running 3 years ago – one round around the block was enough. I didn’t know that there were people out there running through forests and across mountains. Then I watched “Kilian’s Quest” and was set on fire. I couldn’t believe what you and your friends were doing and how you were doing it. I couln’t imagine that people could run more than 42k or even run up and down a mountain. But, quite often with tears of joy in my eyes in front of the screen, I watched “Kilian’s Quest” and thought: “This is what I want to do!”

      Now three years later, I’ve done 7 marathons and did something I would have never ever dreamed of: I ran the “Allgäu Panorama Marathon” (42k, 1500m) and finished.

      You’re always with me in my thoughts when I’m running. Whenever things get tough and I have to push myself to go on, I tell myself: “This would be easy for Kilian. Come on, he does things way harder!” And it works.

      Thank you for giving me what I love doing most now: Trail running in the mountains! Without you, I would have never experienced some of the most beautiful moments in my life. Thank you for showing me this kind of freedom, thank you for inspiring me!

      All the best for your future projects, 🙂
      Thank you so much,
      Vielen Dank,

      PS: Wy wife Claudia recently started running, too, and my 7-months old daughter Amelie jumps around like crazy when she watches “Kilian’s Quest”. 🙂

      • Christophe R.


        C’est une vrai déclaration d’amour !!
        Thnaks for this comment, I totaly share your thoughts 🙂

    3. Incredible! I thought that could never be accomplished!!. Warmest congrats!!

    4. Magnifique… Un sportif accompli. Une personne accessible et sympathique… Des idées folles digne d’un sportif qui va marquer l’histoire…

    5. Michele Busnelli

      Kilan che dire? sei un grande !!!! Correre in montagna pensando alle tue imprese è ancora più bello. grazie Mick

    6. Daniela Orsenigo

      Just congratulations on your incredible performance and the way you prepared for it! You are an inspiration to all of us!

    7. killian, penso tu sia uno degli sportivi più completi del mondo, ispirazione per tanti amanti della montagna nella versione “fast” ma anche nella versione più tradizionale. equilibrio, coordinazione, potenza e agilità, un fisico nato per stupire. ero lì a vederti e dopo aver incontrato bruno che mi ha detto” il ragazzo ha fatto 1000 mt in 40 min, è fortissimo, se lo merita” ho capito che saresti riuscito nell’impresa ma ho anche capito che non puoi che essere uno “special”. continua così amazing spider man.

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