McKinley Series 4. The drone

Filming at 6000m altitude, right on Mount McKinley, it’s not an easy business…. Let’s watch how Summits of My Life’s director Seb Montaz handles these complicated situations…

Vivian Bruchez: In Denali you don’t think, you act (Part 1)


Vivian Bruchez: In Denali you don't think, you act

Account of the expedition to McKinley by Vivian Bruchez, who accompanied the team and contributed to mountain safety with his knowledge. Vivian is one of the best extreme skiers in the world.

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Déjame Vivir Award at MFHF Slovakia



Thank you so much for this award MFHF! Congratulations Seb & Kilian!

Jordi Tosas: You only live once and die too many times


Jordi Tosas: You only live once and die too many times


Alpinist Jordi Tosas was part of the crew that went to the Denali with Kilian. Now we can read his impressions on the reasons that pushed him to become a part of this adventure.

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SOML World Tour – Paris

Thank you Paris for this amazing presentation on the 4th stop of the SOML World Tour!

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Déjame Vivir on film festivals!

pelis seleccionades


We are super happy to see that ‘Déjame Vivir’ is being selected for a bunch of great film festivals!! We hope you can watch it on 
Banff Mountain Film Festival Scandinavia MFHF DAFF or Internationales Berg & Abenteuer Filmfestival Graz!!!

(or if you can’t wait, you can download it on )

McKinley Series – 3. Acclimatization

Kilian talks about how to acclimatize for a challenge like breaking up the record of the 6194m mount McKinley

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Summits of My Life World Tour – Paris

The Summits of My Life World Tour arrives to Paris! Présentation in Kilian’s presence in two sessions: 19h30 and 21h15.

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Anyone can contribute to a Record – Part II

Agustín Zulueta con Kilian Jornet

In the second part of the ice axes, engineer Agustin Zulueta  surrounded himself of other people to create the perfect ice ax. Here’s the story. > Read before the first part of “Anyone can contribute to a record”

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Anyone can contribute to a record – Part I

foto 1-2

This is the story of how Agustin Zulueta designed the ice axe Kilian used for the record on McKinley, told in his own words.

Agustin Zulueta is an industrial engineer and a specialist in high competition sailing.

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