Aconcagua preparation

Check out how did Kilian and the rest of the team get ready for the challenge in Aconcagua!

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SOML World Tour Argentina

Thank you Argentina! More than 700 people on the Summits of My Life World tour last stop!

We also gathered more than 700 food products to give away to charity!

Next stop: Aconcagua!

Next dream Aconcagua

Everything is ready for the next dream!

Follow in the upcoming weeks the 6th challenge of the project: the Aconcagua!!

Graz Filmfestival Award

“Honorable Mention” Award at the Internationales Berg & Abenteuer Filmfestival Graz for Déjame vivir!! Indeed… we are honored!!! Thank you!!

[If you haven’t watched it yet… here it is ]


The city of Mendoza, in Argentina, will be the last stop of the Summits of My Life World Tour.

The screening will be next December 8th at 18h on the main stage of the Umaza University.

Working together with the university and the different social responsibility programs, each assistant will have to bring at least one product to give away to charity. Products such as milk, pasta, oil or rice would be the symbolic price to attend the screening.

Kilian will be in the screening to explain the challenges he faced during 2013. After that he will leave for the Aconcagua, where he will try to set up a new speed record, through the Summits of My Life project.

To attend the event, assistants should inscribe through the email:

Kendal Mountain Festival Award

Congrats Kilian and Seb!

Kendal Mountain Festival acknowledge ‘Déjame Vivir’ as the ‘Best Adventure & Exploration Film’ in 2014 and we are super happy for the award!!

McKinley Series – 5. Skiing

Once the record of the McKinley climb was achieved… it was time for some fun!! Kilian, Seb Montaz and Vivian Bruchez sloping down to base camp!

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Déjame Vivir at Banff



For those of you lucky to be at the Banff Mountain Film Festival#DejameVivir will be screened on Saturday and Sunday!! Not to miss!!

Vivian Bruchez: In Denali you don’t think, you act (part 2)


Vivian Bruchez: In Denali you don't think, you act (part 2)

Account of the expedition to McKinley by Vivian Bruchez, who accompanied the team and contributed to mountain safety with his knowledge. Vivian is one of the best extreme skiers in the world.

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McKinley Series 4. The drone

Filming at 6000m altitude, right on Mount McKinley, it’s not an easy business…. Let’s watch how Summits of My Life’s director Seb Montaz handles these complicated situations…

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